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As part of Ephemera Festival, we invite you to participate in a meeting with Robin Fox and Magdalena Nowak, two enthusiasts of Stanisław Ostoja-Kotkowski's art. Fox is an Australian artist and musician inspired by his research into the art of Ostoja, especially in regard to his latest work Triptych, which combines sound and moving colour laser light. Nowak is a researcher and curator who has long been studying the Ostoja archive, including in the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw.

Ostoja emigrated to Australia in 1949, where he became a pioneer of electronic, kinetic and sound art. In the early 1960s, in collaboration with Phillips Research Laboratories, he began creating "electronic images" using television sets, manipulating television signals to create abstract moving images, which he photographed. He then created "chromasonic" sculptures that reacted with light to movement or sound. In the 1970s, he focused on creating sound and image performances, in which he combined projected moving images, laser light, modern dance and music. In 1972, he began creating interactive images-objects and theremins, integrated into Ostoja's paintings. In the United States, in 1973, he became interested in biofeedback and the idea of "mind art", creating works using alpha brain waves. Towards the end of his life, he switched to creating computer graphics based on fractal theory. His work can best be summed up as a marriage of art and science



Robin Fox (AU)


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