Ephemera returns in all its demented glory to the capital city of Warsaw for its fifth edition on June 5th - 9th. The program again celebrates the approaching summer solstice – as light overcomes the darkness, we’ll create new rituals with our bodies and their memories of ancient ceremonies. Exploring music, dance, performance, food, scent and actual magic, we’ll even play with fire – literally. Ephemera embraces Warsaw organisations, curators, artists and audience, to create a multi-arts event interwoven throughout the Polish capital city.

Ephemera is not about headliners and huge crowds, but creating narratives that connect local Slavic scenes with their counterparts from elsewhere. Occasionally described as Unsound’s younger eccentric sibling, Ephemera celebrates the adventurous, with events in Królikarnia Palace, new spaces of Mińska 65, Studio Polskiego Radia, Komuna Warszawa, Nowy Teatr, Muzeum Narodowe and LETO Gallery.

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mobile background image of Marcin Janusz painting